How the Power of the Gospel Supersedes All Else

How the Power of the Gospel Supersedes All Else

There was a time when I was looking for the power of God in a goosebump or a feeling. I was looking forward to the next experience, the next corporate gathering, and the next conference. What I did not truly understand was the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that was to be at work in me as a believer in Christ, sanctifying me by the work of the Holy Spirit and conforming me into His image by spiritual maturity. I was craving power in an encounter unknowingly apart from the gospel and missing the evidence of the supernatural regeneration that can only be found in Christ.

At the beginning of this year, I decided to read the Bible through in a year, and a reading plan seemed the best way to do that. I chose to do the five-day Bible reading plan, and it has been a blessing. One of the days last week had me starting 1 Thessalonians, and while reading the first two chapters, I noticed the emphasis on the gospel made by Paul to the saints at Thessalonica.

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