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Norway’s flourishing economic system, top-of-the-charts wellknown of living, and designer fjords are constantly making headlines. Want to examine in Norway as an international?

You don’t need to be obsessed with Vikings and the Northern Lights to want to take a look at in Norway as an worldwide. The united states welcomes almost 14,000 students from abroad every year, including to their pretty small country wide population of five.2 million.

Why Study in Norway

Unless you’ve been living forcibly or voluntarily beneath a rock, you have got probable heard about Norway being a rustic with a preferred of living this is matched by means of few. Of path, absolutely everyone has differing dwelling standards, but if gender equality, loose schooling and healthcare, a minuscule crime rate, and a higher-than-correct median profits sound like qualifying elements, then Norway have to be on the pinnacle of your listing.

What they say approximately higher education in Norway being loose to all, irrespective of wherein you’re from, is TRUE. However, dwelling prices are very excessive, and may even surmount the training you’ll be paying some place else. But Norway is a country this is devoted to a better schooling to better its society and the sector, and this is a truely comforting and humbling truth.

Norwegian Universities

Let’s get proper to it. If you’re an worldwide student, you possibly need to be a part of a society that is usually on the point of social, technological, and political innovations. This paves the manner for a extra pragmatic training, unbound by means of social scruples, so you can observe and studies away and explicit yourself openly.

Norway’s immaculate social system and standard of dwelling are merely reflections of the population. Since well before even the days of the Vikings, the Scandinavians have sought the unknown; ‘if the solution is accessible, we can discover it.

The populace in Norway is scarce, whilst land is considerable. The populace of Oslo, Norway’s biggest city, is 634,000 – 28,000 of whom are college students attending better education institutes. This is a four% student population, compared to a 7% scholar population in Melbourne, continuously ranked as one in all the most important ‘pupil cities’ inside the global.

The kingdom is domestic to over 70 higher schooling institutes that offer guides for worldwide college students. Among the maximum fantastically ranked are:

University of Oslo

Norway’s biggest university, located within the capital town of Oslo.


Times Higher Education (THE) – 121

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) – sixty two

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) – a hundred thirty five

Best Global Universities (BGU) – ninety eight

University of Bergen

A public studies university, citing academic variety and exquisite coaching as being ‘fundamental’ to the coaching curriculum.


THE – 197

SJTU – 201

QS – 171

BGU – 171

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Public research university with campuses inside the cities of Trondheim, Gjøvik, and Ålesund.


THE – 351

SJTU– 101

QS – 363

BGU – 270

Other honorable mentions:

UIT the Arctic University of Norway

Norwegian University of Life Sciences
University of Nordland
BI Norwegian Business School
Bergen Academy of Art & Design, Norway
Degree Courses

Being a part of the EU, all of Norway’s higher training institutes comply with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). This makes your credits and prerequisites from different international locations easily transferable, taking more of the headache out of studying abroad. Comparability of the best of schooling is regulated too, as Norway strictly adheres to the Bologna Process.

That being stated, the shape of Norway’s higher education gadget is just like that of most European, American, Australian, Canadian, and British universities, being broken down into Bachelor’s (undergraduate), Master’s (graduate), and PhD (doctorate) programs.

Bachelor’s degree

Obtaining your Bachelor’s degree in Norway will provide you with the identical accreditation as lots of different faculties within the world. The distinction, of course, lies inside the great of time spent analyzing. Free tuition and gender equality aside, human beings pick out to look at in Norway due to the fact they vibe properly with the country, and hence can study with greater performance and excellent.

However, there are presently only about fifteen Bachelor’s publications which are taught absolutely in English. Here are some of them:

  1. Acting – Østfold University College
  2. three-D Art, Animation, and VFX – Nord University
  3. Development Studies – University of Agder
  4. Biology – Nord University
  5. Business Administration – BI Norwegian Business School

For all other Bachelor’s courses, you’re required to talk Norwegian. Some universities provide Norwegian guides for future international college students. But do be warned: three hundred and sixty five days is a quite short quantity of time to analyze Norwegian nicely sufficient to keep up together with your friends in courses which might be taught a hundred% in Norwegian. Some can do it, others discover it near not possible.

Master’s diploma

Have you already performed your undergrad and are seeking to take it to the subsequent level? Or are you simply searching beforehand, you eager beaver?

As opposed to the restrained amount of Bachelor’s courses taught in English, Master’s guides are presented within the masses.

Obtaining your Master’s in Norway is a comparable process to maximum different nations. Courses contain a series of lectures, active workshops, seminars, and hands-on studies.

At the near of your research, you’ll want to provide your dissertation to the university. This may be independently researched and might be a subject of your choice, or one relevant in your studies decided by means of your university.

Some universities also provide a Long Cycle Master’s packages, which commences at some stage in the Bachelor’s application and in all is a aggregate of 5-6 years of studies and credit.


Norway is continually at the look-out for qualified global PhD candidates. Do you watched you have what it takes?

There are over 50 guides taught in English. The programs presented are meticulously structured, and usually remaining for a length of 3-4 years. Both independent and cooperative studies make up the bulk of the applications.

Again, tuition is free for PhD studies, and most honestly come with a highly handsome earnings. On common, a PhD student will make €forty five,000-50,000/12 months. Bear in mind, of direction, that over 30% of any Norwegian earnings is taken out as taxes. However, the evidence of functionality for this socialized machine lies on all the smiling faces of Norwegians.

Five years of higher training is a demand for maximum Ph.D. Applications in Norway. If you took place to take part in a 1-yr Master’s program, a few universities do make exceptions.


There is a plethora of postdoctoral fellowships presented to Ph.D. Graduates, and the salaries are five-10% better than those of Ph.D. Students.

Naturally, a PhD degree is required to use for all fellowships. Favorable features sought after via institutes are hands-on experience within the relative field, close to-local degree English speaking, top-notch abilities at writing medical manuscripts, and the capacity to successfully perform independently and with a crew.

Student Exchanges

Want to enjoy Norway just for a bit?

ASSE is a completely famous platform for worldwide scholar change, although your present day school may additionally have already got current partnerships with Norwegian universities. Either way, your school (and your potential college) will need to approve the change.

Be positive to have your budget taken care of out. There are many ways to cut costs when in Norway for a short time frame, including shopping for a 2d-hand bicycle, staying out of the bars, and shopping for seasonal foods. (Salmon is usually reasonably-priced in Norway!)

Course Fees

The rumors are authentic… Course fees in Norway are nil. Zero. Obsolete. Whatever you want to call it. However, lessons isn’t always the simplest cost one need to address whilst studying in better schooling. Most universities price an annual management fee of about €80-one hundred. Books and other academic materials generally quantity to round €500/semester. As a ways as path expenses cross, that’s approximately it.

NOW. Living expenses are a one-of-a-kind story. With a country so flawlessly set up as Norway, count on to be paying plenty, a whole lot greater than in your private home united states. For monthly rent you may be looking at no decrease than €800-1,000.

Some scholar lodging is to be had, but it’s typically pretty restricted.

Study Insurance

Students from Nordic nations want not exchange some thing approximately their medical health insurance. You are included.

EU/EEA college students keeping a European Health Insurance Card can acquire emergency and vital healthcare.

Students from outside the EU/EEA with a purpose to be attending faculty in Norway for more than a yr are automatically included. Students reading much less than a year should practice with the Norwegian Health Insurance Scheme or buy private coverage in their home us of a.

Funding to Study in Norway

There are simplest so many methods to go about paying in your residing prices at the same time as analyzing in Norway. You will both need to have a very large bite of change for your financial institution account to cover your month-to-month fees, or will need to find scholarships to help pay your manner.

Here is a helpful listing of a few to be had positions.

A scholar visa routinely makes you eligible to work in Norway, even though it will probably be very tough to land a component-time process in case you don’t speak respectable Norwegian. But as they say, it’s no longer what you understand, it’s who .

How to Apply to Study in Norway

For brevity’s sake, let’s assume you’ve already selected your discipline of take a look at and your university. Documents required depend on the level of the program you are applying for but would require proof finishing touch of prerequisite credits and a language proficiency certificate.

School years normally run from August to June, even though a few institutes have various schedules. Deadlines range also, but you should be trying to get your application(s) in quicker instead of later. The window for MOST universities is December 1 – March 15 for research starting in August.

After you have got been widespread, you will be in your manner to getting your pupil visa!

Student Visas

Students coming from a Scandinavian u . S . A . Do no longer want to use for any special permits.

EU/EEA college students do not want any special allow to go into Norway however will want to check in your house within three months of landing.

Students from outdoor Scandinavia/EU/EEA will want to apply for a residence permit. To accomplish that, you may need to show which you have enough price range to pay your manner for the primary year. This sum quantities to approximately €thirteen,500, though you may probably want an awful lot more than this stashed away to cowl any additional prices, like wintry weather garb and emergency Nordic tours. Funds are generally favored to had been transferred to bank account.

Any guidelines and guidelines for study lets in are ALWAYS subject to exchange, so be sure to study up on modern records.

Language Requirements

If you’re studying this newsletter, it’s miles likely that you will be applying for training which can be taught in English, which Norway is in no way experiencing a scarcity of.

Regardless of your nationality, you’ll need to offer an English speakme certificates. IELTS, TOEFL, C1 Advanced, or Pearson PTE are popular, and are generally everyday anywhere.

As said earlier, maximum Bachelor’s guides are taught in Norwegian, and it’s miles possible to go through a yearlong Norwegian language route to put together you for those research.

Norway Education Vs UK/US

Every u . S . Has its strengths and weaknesses. The school that you select might be the result of many factors. Norway’s widespread of education may be very high however doesn’t have as many pinnacle ranked universities as the United Kingdom or the United States. The UK and US have a higher educational shape an awful lot large than that of Norway, and in preference to being part of the ECTS, rent an final results-driven system (even though credit from European universities are of path taken under consideration).

Another principal distinction is that Norway typically doesn’t be given candidates into their Ph.D. Applications that keep a 1 year Master’s degree, together with one from the United Kingdom.

Overall, if you discover a route that works for you, and a university that you are glad in, you’re sure to learn as tons or more than any university accessible.

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